MDT 80 V

MDT 80 V
Very powerful and compact drilling machine, thought out especially for heavy job site works, characterized by excellent manoeuvrability, reliability and high level of productivity, thanks to the adoption of many innovative technical solutions.
During the design stage, active and passive safety devices were foreseen, to ensure maximum safety for the operator and other rig personnel.
It is ideal for accomplishing micropiles, tie rods, jet grouting technology, coring and soil investigation works.
Moreover, equipped with certain optional parts, it allows to carry out drilling works for water wells and geothermic drilling.

Peculiarities, versatility and power

• A very high extraction force does not suffer any reduction while starting, thanks to the ram piston pullback system.
• Portable remote-control desk, or radio control upon request (VE version), that guarantees maximum safety condition and comfort to the operator, during placement, working phases and moving; in particular when climbing and drifting down from the transport carriage on the road.
• Automatic power division system in order to improve the drilling rig’s performance and maintain the productivity at a high level.
• Automatic devices’ application facilitates the use of the rig even by less experienced personnel.
• Ample oversizing of structural parts in view of prevention of possible critical conditions due to eventual operator’s mistakes.
Even though the dimensions remain reduced, the possibility to install the engine of 162 hp with exceptional capacity permits to reach unequalled productivity levels.
For high performance the rotary may be installed, with torque max. up to 32000Nm in the micropile version and max. speed of 600 revolutions per minute in the soil investigation version. Percussion kit is available.
Thanks to its exceptional power, it is possible to install the double rotary, with performance characteristics comparable to those of superior class machinery.

The drill rig meets the CE norms, the UNI EN 791 especially.

Specifications subject to change without notice. The global diffusion of the product illustrated hereby imposes, because the different norms, the use of indicative - hence not binding - images and illustrations.

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