MDT 640 GM

MDT 640 GM
Single mast forepoling drill rig designed to perform consolidation operations for the creation of medium- and large-sized tunnels through the execution, before excavation, of the front and external perimetric forepoling or jet-grouting injections. It is therefore possible to operate in sections of tunnel with a diameter greater than 14 metres and with a treatment depth of up to 24 metres in conditions of maximum reliability, even in the case of extremely onerous uses, with very high production rates, thanks to the adoption of numerous innovative technical solutions and to careful dimensioning of all the structural parts. The mast is equipped with a very efficient system for support and collection of the hydraulic piping and drilling fluid transportation system which goes to the rotary in order to prevent free piping which could interfere with the rest of the machine or make transfer and drilling operations difficult.
Excellent qualities in terms of manoeuvrability, reliability and productivity, even if used in extremely difficult conditions, - all this thanks to the adoption of many innovative technical solutions and precise dimensioning of all the elements of the structure. Active and passive safety devices always guarantee the most safe working conditions to the operator and other rig personnel.

Peculiarities, versatility and power

• Drilling mast designed so as to have a high level of structural rigidity in order to prevent curving effects of the mast itself due to its own weight.
• Innovative articulated joint units which, by means of hydraulic jacks connected to a mechanical leverage device, allow a continuous rotation of over 180 degrees of the telescopic support columns and positioning of the drilling mast.
A swivel located between the mast and the columns allows a maximum variation of 30° and a mast inclination of 30° on the drilling axis.
To implement the rig drilling height of approx. 2 mt drilling height increasing sleds are available.
• The undercarriage is equipped with a rotation fifth wheel that can rotate through 95° on either side , activated by two geared motors, which facilitates the positioning of the machine on the front, above all in the case of treatment of the whole frontal excavation area by means of the insertion of fibreglass framework nails.
• Electrical remote control panel or, if requested, radio control of all movement and operational functions in order to guarantee the most safe conditions in any situation, maintaining productivity and reliability at a high level.
• Automatic power distribution system to optimize the rig’s performance and keep the actual output very high.
• Hydraulic Crane with lifting capacity of 7,5 ton mt extension max. 11mt. The operator can control the basket from a remote radiocontrol panel.
• Automatic devices’ application facilitates the use of the rig even when handled by less experienced personnel.
• Ample oversizing of structural parts in view of prevention of possible critical conditions due to eventual operator’s mistakes.
• Dual power units, with a 200hp diesel engine and 132kW (180 hp) electric motor ensures that exceptional power is available which allows the user to reach inimitable levels of productivity. Both drive units can be used alternately according to the availability of electrical energy in the tunnel.
• The rotaries with max. torque up to 32000 Nm may be applied, with high specific power that enables contemporaneousness of the operation with other torque functions and rotation speed, even in case of top hammer + rotary head installation.
• Fiberglass nail operation device.
• Covering nail operation device.
• Covering extractor device.
• Laser beam for the alignment of the drill rod centerline.

The drill rig meets the CE norms, the UNI EN 791 norm specifically.

Specifications subject to change without notice. The global diffusion of the product illustrated hereby imposes, because the different norms, the use of indicative - hence not binding - images and illustrations.

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